Edit Profile Page

Rediger personside (norsk brukerveiledning)

Brukerveieldning for personsider

The personal publication overview in CRIStin is displayed directly in profile pages

You can edit which publications to display under "Selected publications" and select to not display CRIStin data at all. See instructions for the display of CRIStin data

Note! Norwegian keywords must be registered in the Norwegian version of the profile page. See translating the profile page

Logging In

To log in to your profile page, go to https://w3.uib.no/en/user and log in using your uib username and password.

Note! Are you working on a PC outside the University's network, you must first connect to the UiB network by setting up a VPN connection or be logged UiB network via the "eduroam" or "UiB-guest".

When the new profile pages are launched, you can also log in by navigating to your page on uib.no and clicking the "Log in" link at the upper right of your profile card.


Personal and Contact Information

Personal and contact information is automatically retrieved from UiB's HR system (PAGA) and will be displayed on profile pages. You can edit most of this information directly on your profile page. 


You can edit the name displayed on your own profile page. If the fields "Overwrite first name (all languages)" and/or "Overwrite last name (all languages") are completed, these will replace the names retrieved from the HR system. If you remove the text from these fields, the name retrieved from the HR system will be displayed as your name again.

Profile picture

You can upload your own profile picture and change or delete an existing one. A default picture (shadow) will be displayed if you have not added a profile picture. We recommend adding a picture of yourself. The picture should be in profile format with a light background and of yourself only. 

Job title

It is not possible to overwrite or remove the actual job title but further information can be added in the field "More about the role", e.g. the job title "Professor" can be supplemented with "History" and "Senior Executive Officer" can be supplemented with "Project Manager," etc. These will then be displayed on the profile page as "Professor, History" and "Senior Executive Officer, Project Manager," respectively.


The profile page will display only one unit affiliation, for example Department of Biology. This corresponds to the unit with which you are listed with a primary affiliation in the HR systems. Nevertheless, employees may undertake work-related tasks in multiple units within UiB. In such cases, we recommend using the optional tab to provide information about any other units. 

Visiting address

The visiting address is also retrieved from the HR system but can be overwritten in the edit view. Use the field "Overwrite visiting address". In the same way as for names, any added text will overwrite the information from the HR system. If you delete what you have written, the information saved in the HR system will be displayed again.


You can add the room number of your office in the "Room number" field. If you do not enter anything in this field, it will not be displayed on the profile page.

Telephone number

The telephone number is retrieved from the HR system (PAGA). The landline number is always retrieved, a mobile number is retrieved if you have not ticked the box to make the mobile number private in the HR system. Any changes to telephone numbers must be made in the HR system and you can find instructions for this here (norwegian only)

Homepage/personal website

You can add a link to a personal website in the field "URL (all languages)". Add the title and URL of the website you are linking to. If the title field has not been completed, the link will be displayed using the standard text "Hjemmeside" / "Homepage".


You can upload a CV to your profile page in the "CV" field. "Select file", find the file you wish to upload on your own computer and click "Upload".

Social Media and RSS

You can add links to personal pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn as well as add RSS feeds.

Social media

In the "Follow me on social media" field you can add the user name you use on various social media. If, for example, your user name on Instagram is "olanordmann" you add "instagram:olanordmann" and an Instagram icon will be displayed on your profile page with a link to your Instagram account. The help text for the field specifies which social media are supported.

NOTE: If you add a link for a Twitter account, the Twitter icon will be displayed and a feed with your latest updates on Twitter will be shown in the column on the right, under project information.


If you have a blog or other content you would like to promote from your profile page, you can add an RSS feed. Use the field "RSS feed (all languages)" in the column on the right in the edit view. Here you can add a title/header and URL for the RSS feed.


Tabs are free-text fields and the content is directly edited on the profile page. One of the tabs has an optional header, the rest have fixed headers. Tabs without content will not be displayed.  The exception to this is "Publications" which contains a direct link to CRIStin, if you have registered work in CRIStin. Read more about the display of CRIStin data

You can create tabs by entering text in any of the following fields:

  • Forskning/ Research  - (for academic employees)
  • Arbeidsfelt / Work field - (for administrative/technical employees)
  • Dissemination
  • Undervisning / Teaching
  • Publikasjoner / Publications - The tab containing a link to publications in CRIStin has already been added to research profiles. Academic works in CRIStin are now also directly integrated in the profile page and you have a few options available concerning how this data is displayed. See instructions for the display of CRIStin data
  • Optional tab (here you can give the tab whatever name you wish)


Tabs where you could write about e.g. your field of researchfor an academic employee, may appear as follows:



Tabs where you could write about e.g. your work tasks for an administrative employee, may appear as follows:


CRIStin Data

The personal publication overview in CRIStin is displayed directly in profile pages under "Selected publications" and "Publications". You can edit which publications to display under "Selected publications".

Defining the list of selected publications via CRIStin

You can choose up to five academic publications to display as "Selected publications". The works to be displayed are defined in CRIStin.

How to:

  1. Log in to CRIStin (Go to CRIStin login)
  2. Select Researchers > My researcher profile in the menu on the left.


  3. Select "Edit profile" at the top of the view.
  4. Scroll down to the item "Academic works associated with person" and select "Add academic works"
  5. Follow the instructions in CRIStin and add up to five academic works that you would like to display under "Selected publications".
  6. The works will be displayed immediately on the profile page when added. The works will be displayed in chronological order as the list is defined in CRIStin.

Display of academic works from CRIStin under "Publications"

The "Publications" tab will always display a deep link directly to your registered works in CRIStin. By default the works will be sorted by category/year and each category will display up to 200 works. You can change the sorting and number of publications yourself. If you have manually added publications to this tab in the old profile pages, these will be displayed by default in the information from CRIStin.

These are the choices you can make yourself via the edit view on your profile page (the numbers in the image correspond to the numbers in the item list):


  1. Choose to display what you have entered in the free text field before or after the information retrieved from CRIStin.
  2. Choose the number of academic publications to display (Note: Select "0" to not display CRIStin data at all).
  3. Choose to display the list of academic works by a) category/year or b) chronological order only, without categories.

Profile pages display CRIStin data from five major categories, including all sub-categories

Thes are

  • Books
  • Journal Articles
  • Reports and Theses *
  • Book Sections
  • Artistic Production

* The sub-categories "Master's Thesis", "Dissertation" and "Magister Thesis" is not displayed if you are registered with the role of "supervisor".

Current Projects

"Projects" was one of the previous tabs on the profile pages. This field has been moved to the right-hand column in the profile page for improved visibility. This field is a free text field that you can use to talk about ongoing projects. If the text spans more than 200 characters the field will be shown as an expandable field, shorter texts will be displayed in full.

If you do not enter anything in the field for "Projects", it will not be displayed on the page.

Fields of competence (keywords)

You can create or affiliate yourself with one or multiple academic keywords created by others. Keywords are displayed under "Field of expertise" and in the employee list for each unit. Employees with the same keyword will be shown in shared lists and over time it will become easier to search for people with expertise within a given discipline.

Use of keywords

Many keywords are an expression of academic diversity. There is no restriction on the number of keywords but to avoid the creation of too many similar keywords, e.g. "middle ages" and "medieval", "media and music" and "music and media" the Communications Department may combine near-equal occurrences of keywords in consultation with the users of the keywords.

Minimal restrictions are in place but there are a few common rules and recommendations that must be followed. These are subject to change. 

  • Maximum 10 keywords per user (we recommend 5-7 keywords).
  • A keyword should preferably consist of one word, maximum 4-5 words in total. Avoid long sentences.
  • Keywords should be added in prioritised order.
  • All keywords must be entered with a capital first letter.
  • Technical/administrative employees may add keywords describing work areas and work tasks. 

Registering keywords

Keywords are registered in "Field of expertise" (figure 1). When you place the cursor in the field a list of all registered keywords will automatically be displayed. When entering the first, and alternatively also the second, third letter, etc. of the keyword you want to register the list will automatically display keywords beginning with the letters you have entered. If the keyword is already registered you can select it from the list (figure 2). 

If the keyword is not in the list you can add it yourself (figure 3). To remove a keyword from your field of expertise, click on the red cross next to the keyword. 

Remember to save changes (at the bottom of the page)!

English keywords must be registered in the English version of the profile page. See translating the profile page


Figure 1



Figure 2


Figure 3


Translating The Profile Page

Your profile page will be available in Norwegian and English. The following information will also be displayed automatically on the English profile page without you having to edit it:

  1. Name (Also applies if you have entered a name other than the one retrieved from PAGA)
  2. Affiliation (department or similar)
  3. Contact information (address and telephone number - Also applies if you have entered a visiting address other than the one retrieved from PAGA)
  4. Position
  5. Links to social media
  6. Picture
  7. Selection for displaying CRIStin data
  8. Uploaded CV
  9. RSS feed

The following data may have to be translated and entered again in the English personal profile:

  1. Any details associated with the position ("Position detail")
  2. Room number
  3. URL to homepage
  4. Projects field
  5. Free text tabs
  6. Field of expertise

How to:

  1. Finish editing and make sure to save any changes you have made to your Norwegian profile page.
  2. Select language at the top of the page, under the Edit tab. The selected language will be highlighted with a darker colour.
  3. Edit the relevant fields in your English profile page. Save the changes.